Think you’re not funny? Neither was I, until this show helped me wrangle my inner comedienne.


Totally camouflaged. They’ll never see me hiding here, sort of behind this pillar in these awesome pants.


Ingenues look worried a lot. They often drink. For their delicate nerves, you see.
Apparently fans notice it too… source: tumblr/nerdcomingoutofthenerdcloset
Like looking in a mirror.


In which the facade momentarily crumbles and I just sit there making weird faces next to a funny person.
These pants and Bardic Immunity. All a girl needs to make her way in the world.

If I Can Do It, We All Can

  1. Pay attention and hunt down the right situation, then wave our hands and make our best active grab for it! I found the audition through searching public casting sites and I worked my a$$ off to be prepared for it.
  2. Have the courage to accept and work with the things we may have counted as shortcomings — previous designation as a less interesting type, or perhaps an uncontrollable face, for example. These things can actually help us BE FUNNY.
  3. Find a way to be comfortable and be inspired by our role models, rather than just admiring something we don’t think we can be. Maybe you spend a hot minute allowing yourself to make some silly faces in the mirror…
  4. This is the big one: See ourselves in the funny pants, whether they’re metaphorical or, as in my case, actual ridiculous rainbow-colored puffy pants and jester tights.




Emilie is an actor, writer & singer from the Pacific Northwest. Find her at or on twitter and instagram @onefootonshore

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Emilie Rommel Shimkus

Emilie Rommel Shimkus

Emilie is an actor, writer & singer from the Pacific Northwest. Find her at or on twitter and instagram @onefootonshore

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